Maori Feather Box
Lot 111
Maori Treasure Box, New Zealand
US$ 12,000 - 18,000
€8,700 - 13,000
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Maori Feather Box Maori Feather Box
Lot Details
Maori Treasure Box, New Zealand
length 15 3/4in (40cm)
wakahuia, elegantly carved in two parts with removable lid, two projecting heads with tattooing on each side, beautifully decorated with the whakarare (distorted) pattern consisting of grooved haehae lines (parallel grooves) with pakati (dog-tooth pattern) notches; the relatively shallow cuts of the tattooing on the faces and the haehae lines, as well as the softer nature of the carving, suggests that this wakahuia was carved using stone tools during the 18th century; the surface has been rubbed down with a combination of ochre and oil, giving a deep reddish-brown patina.

Private Collection, East Coast, acquired in London in the early 1970's.
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