Dagger, Hawaiian Islands
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Dagger, Hawaiian Islands
US$ 12,000 - 18,000
€8,700 - 13,000
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Dagger, Hawaiian Islands
length 29in (73.7cm)
pahoa, finely stone-carved from hard wood with alternating light and dark-brown "tiger" striping, the blunt handle pierced through for attachment of fiber cord; wear indicative of significant age and wear.

Private Collection, Germany

According to Buck (1957: p. 424), "Cook (1784, vol. 2, p. 247), with his wide experience in the Pacific area from two previous voyages, remarked on the peculiarity of the fact that only Hawaiians had a dagger. "...They have a sort of weapon which we had never seen before, and not mentioned by any navigator, as used by the natives of the South Sea. It was somewhat like a dagger; in general, about a foot and a half long, sharpened at on or both ends, and secured to the hand by a string. Its use is to stab in close fight; and it seems well adapted to the purpose."
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