A Lacquered steel Tray Persia, Dated AH 1302
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A very fine large lacquered steel Tray Persia, dated AH 1302/ AD 1884-85
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A very fine large lacquered steel Tray
Persia, dated AH 1302/ AD 1884-85
of circular form, to centre a shamsa-style panel containing an inscription, surrounded by eight small lobed cartouches and a further eight larger cartouches containing black floral designs, all on a yellow ground covered with fine gold scrollwork with small flowers picked out in colour, to outer edge three bands, the inner most containing leaf and flower design on a black ground, the middle containing a leaf and grape vine design on a red ground and the outer a band of leaf and flower design on black
71 cm. diam.


  • Comparable work by Ahmad Muzahhib-bashi is on a pair of album covers in the Khalili Collection, London (Khalili,David, Robinson, Basil and Tim Stanley, Lacquer of the Islamic Lands, Part Two, p. 198, no. 421, LAQ92, LAQ281). The covers were made in AH 1299/ AD 1881-82 by order of Nasir al-Din Shah for presentation to Tsar Alexander II of Russia, however, the Tsar died before they could be presented to him. The superior quality of the covers and the present table top attest to their imperial associations.

    The inscriptions comprise: in the centre in mirrored form, repeat of al-sultan sahib-qiran nasir al-din shah 1302, "Al-Sultan Sahib-Qiran Nasir al-Din Shah AH 1302/ AD 1884-85"; In a cartouche in the borders, remains of a defaced inscription, ...shahanshah-e faridun farr .... zinat anjam an ze tarikhash ... yaft zinat be-nam-e shah-e homayun farr 1302, "King of kings, equal in power to Faridun ... its date of the completion of its decoration ... it was decorated in the name of the king with imperial power AH 1302/ AD 1884-85".
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