CHINA THOMSON (JOHN) An album of approximately 63 images, albumen prints [c.1870]
Lot 330
CHINA THOMSON (JOHN) An album of approximately 63 images, albumen prints [c.1870]
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THOMSON (JOHN) An album of approximately 63 images, albumen prints, captioned in manuscript on the mount, either approximately 190 x 240mm. or 90 x 90mm., original quarter morocco, worn and upper cover detached, oblong folio, [c.1870]


  • The larger images are captioned (some with abbreviation): Courtyard of the British Legation-Liang kung fu; Huang Ssu-Bas relief on Dagoba; Pagoda at Pali chuang-Village on road to Western Hills; Buddhist Temple with Imperial Dedication Slab & Bell; Wan-shou-shan-Ruins of Imperial Summer Palace burned in 1860; Wan-shou-shan-Marble Bridge; Wan-shou-shan-Pocelain Pagoda; Wan-shou-shan-View of Hsiang shan; Tomb of Yung-lo (2); Nankou Pass (3); Chu-yung-kuan-Buddhist Inscription; Branches of Great Wall near Chu-yung-kuan; Buddhist Temple Ningpo; Tientsin during the indundations of 1870; Tientsin-The Club in 1870 [fives court underwater]. The 45 smaller subjects include many portraits and small groups including Manchu costume, trades, criminals etc.
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