FERGUSSON (JAMES) The Rock Cut Temples of India]
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FERGUSSON (JAMES) The Rock Cut Temples of India, [John Murray, 1864]
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The Rock Cut Temples of India], 73 half-stereo albumen prints only (of 74), several wormtrails touching images, lacking title, preface leaf repaired at fore-edge, modern cloth-backed boards, 8vo, [John Murray, 1864]


  • Extremely rare work illustrating the famous temples and caves at Ajunta and Ellora. James Fergusson first visited the temples in the years 1836-1841, which resulted in a paper read to the Asiatic Society, and, in 1845, a published edition illustrated with lithographs. Major Robert Gill was then commissioned to produce drawings of the paintings at Ajunta, and in the spring of 1863 he sent back to England nearly 200 stereoscopic views of the area. The present edition is not recorded by Gernsheim.
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