WATKINS (HENRY GEORGE, 'Gino') Collection of letters and ephemera, 1931-1933
Lot 13
WATKINS (HENRY GEORGE, 'Gino') Collection of letters and ephemera, 1931-1933
£1,500 - 2,000
US$ 2,500 - 3,400
Lot Details
Collection of letters and ephemera, comprising: autograph letter signed ("H. George Watkins"), expressing interest in giving lectures and referring to plans to explore Labrador (1929); a 7-page typescript for a documentary film of his Greenland expedition; a series of 13 autograph letters to Mr Christy at the Lecture Agency, dated 1931-1932 (one 8 pages long, with a synopsis of his Edge Island and Labrador expeditions, and referring to his RGS medal and other awards, another written in [July?] 1932 from the Gertrud Rask, just before his disappearance and presumed drowning); with newspaper cuttings, telegrams, letters from his father etc., all loosely corner-mounted in a loose-leaf ledger, folio, 1931-1933


  • 'Gino' Watkins' most important expedition was to the east coast of Greenland as leader of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition of 1930–31. The present letters date from the period he spent back in England, where he gave lectures in an attempt to raise funds for an Antarctic expedition. When this did not come to fruition, he instead returned to Greenland in 1932 with a small team to continue the work of his air route expedition. On 20 August he went seal hunting in Tugtilik Fjord but later that day his empty kayak was found floating upside down amd his body was never recovered.
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