SCOTT (ROBERT FALCON) A memorial portrait of Scott, The Scott Antarctic Committee, [1913]
Lot 114
SCOTT (ROBERT FALCON) A memorial portrait of Scott, The Scott Antarctic Committee, [1913]
£1,500 - 2,000
US$ 2,500 - 3,400
Lot Details
A memorial portrait of Scott, the colour portrait facing a printed memorial notice, mounted in a blue morocco gilt folder, with expedition logo on upper cover, "British Antarctic Expedition Terra Nova R.Y.S." in a band surrounding a penguin on the pole, 4to (230 x 175mm.), The Scott Antarctic Committee, [1913]


  • SCARCE. NOT IN SPENCE OR ROSOVE. As the printed memorial notice states: "In memory of Robert Falcon Scott...[who] died with his companions on the return journey and lies with them in the everlasting snows. This memento of their Commander is presented to each member of the Crew by The Scott Antarctic Committee of 1910." This was acquired with the other Antarctic material relating to Lashley. See illustration overleaf.
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