A jade belt hook and a jade plaque
Lot 281
Two jades
£3,000 - 4,000
US$ 5,000 - 6,700
Lot Details
Two jades
Comprising a pale jade belt hook designed as a dragon head and decorated with a reticulated carving of a chilong, 11cm (4 3/8in) long, and a pale jade pendant of almost whitish hue, carved in shallow relief with a boy and a girl on the obverse, and a four-character, seal-script inscription on the reverse, 6cm (2 3/8in) long. (2).
  1. James Hammond
    Specialist - Chinese Works of Art
    Montpelier Street
    London, SW7 1HH
    United Kingdom
    Work +44 20 7393 3943
    FaxFax: +44 20 7393 3942
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