A copy of the original Surrender Telex, Falklands War 1982. 18x13.5ins. (46x34cm)
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A copy of the original Surrender Telex, Falklands War 1982. 18x13.5ins. (46x34cm)
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A copy of the original Surrender Telex, Falklands War 1982.
One of several copies of the confirming Telex sent to Major General Sir Jeremy Moore from Army Headquarters Hereford, announcing the surrender of the Argentine Forces under Major General Menendes in June 1982. The text: HQ LFF1 Port Stanley. In Port Stanley at 9 O'Clock pm Falkland Islands Time tonight 14th June 1982, Major General Menendes surrendered to me all the Argentine Forces in East and West Falkland, together with all their impedimentia. Arrangements are in hand to assemble the men for return to Argentina, to gather in their arms and equipment, and to mark and make safe their munitions. The Falkland Islands are once more under the government desired by their inhabitants. God Save the Queen. Signed JJ Moore. MSG ends. Framed with a photograph of landing craft going ashore from a RFA vessel. 18x13.5ins. (46x34cm)


  • Taken from COMCEN at San Carlos by Marine Jon Needham, CDO Logs Sigs Sqn.

    This message was relayed via Hereford, as the US satellite phone system used by the SAS was incompatible to British networks at the time. Major General Moore dictated the surrender message, which was then typed up at Hereford and relayed back to the Falklands via telex. The message was sent to receiving station RBDAPZ at San Carlos, where the quick thinking Royal Marine signaller ran off several copies on the teleprinter, which were subsequently posted back to the UK. The message is timed at 0120GMT, as due to bad weather and Argentine prevarication the surrender was not signed until after Midnight. The actual surrender document was back dated to midnight to prevent confusion and further bloodshed. The message from Major General Moore was intended for the various Commanders of land and sea forces in the Falklands at the time and Admiral Fieldhouse at Northwood.

    We are grateful for the assistance of Mr Colin Humphreys in cataloguing this lot.

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  • Please note: We are advised that the assault vessel in the photograph is a Navy LPD and not a Fleet auxilliary.
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