1928 Olympic medals/badges awarded to Margaret Hartley
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1928 Olympic medals/badges awarded to Margaret Hartley
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1928 Olympic medals/badges awarded to Margaret Hartley
A circular bronze prize medal, designed by Professor Giuseppe Cassioli, Florence, the obverse with Victory seated above a stadium and 'IXe OLYMPIADE AMSTERDAM 1928', the reverse with athlete carried by others; A circular medal, to the obverse with male and female athletes on podium holding torch over Olympic flame, to the reverse Nike over Marathon Tower, shield of Amsterdam between two hemispheres. Design by J.C.Wienecke, Gerritsen and Van Kempen mint. (Approx. Diameter 55.5mm); bronze/enamel competitors badge , to obverse with Olympic rings 'OLYMPIADE AMSTERDAM', '1928' and 'CONCURRENT'; An Olympic rings lapel badge; a circular medal to the obverse with AMATEUR GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION', to the reverse CHAMP. OF ENGLAND M.B.HARTLEY 1928 STANDARD', ring suspension. The lot includes a folder of detailed information regarding the Olympian and her career. (6)


  • Margaret Hartley 1906 to 1964, British Gymnast competed at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics where women were allowed for the first time in field and gymnastic events, and she therefore became one of the first British women to win an Olympic medal.
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