A large collection of cricket books
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A large collection of cricket books
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A large collection of cricket books
'W.G. GRACE' First Edition, printed by Ballantyne Hanson and Co in 1899, 524 pages. Original blue cloth boards, title lettering in white, with pictorial panel of Grace laid in on the front cover, includes accounts of his early life, his tours to America and Australia, advice on technique and sketches of his contemporaries; 'Cricket' by Horace G. Hutchinson published by George Newnes in 1903, ex-libris of J.W.Goldman, 454 pages; 'Cricket' by W.G.GRACE, published by J.W. Arrowsmith, Kent & Co. Ltd, 1891, 489 pages; 'My Cricketing Life' by P/F/Warner, published by Hodder and Stoughton of London, second edition, 336 pages; 'The Language of Cricket' by W.J.Lewis, published by Oxford University Press in 1934, 318 pages; 'The Book of Cricket' by C.B.Fry, published by George Newnes Limited in 1899, 256 pages; 'Cricket of Today' volumes I and II; 'The Book of Cricket' by C.B.Fry; Famous Cricketers and Cricket Grounds' by C.W.Alcock. 'Oxford v Cambridge' published by John Wisden & Co, full scores of all matches played from 1827 to 1876 [front cover detached, spine split]; 'Told in the Pavilion' by Alfred Cochrane published by J.W.Arrowsmith; 'Guide to the Cricket Ground' by George H.Selkirk published by McMilland and Co. 1867; 'Surrey County Cricket Club' printed by Merrit and Hatcher 1896 [spine worn]; 'For the Luncheon Interval' by A.A.Milne, published by Methuen & Co. Ltd; 'The Game of Cricket' by Frederick Gale, published by Swan Sonnenschein, Lowrey & Co 1887; 'Nyren's Cricketer's Tutor' By Charles Whibley published by David Nutt in 1893; 'The Mayfair Library Pastimes and Players' by Robert MacGregor published by Chatto and Windus in 1881. 'Cricket Form at a Glance 1878-1902' compiled by Home Gordon, published by Archibald Constable & Co in 1902; 'An Australian Cricketer on Tour' by Frank Laver published by Chapman and Hall Ltd in 1905; 'The Badminton Library Cricket' by A.G.Steel/R/H/Lyttelton published by Longmans and Green in 1893; 'Edgbastonia' bound editions from January 1892 to December 1893 [spine split]; 'The Fight for the Ashes' by P.F.Warner published by George G.Harrap & Company in 1930; 'The Turn of the Wheel' by P.G.H.Fender published by Faber and Faber in 1929; 'Twenty Four Years of Cricket' by Arthur A.Lilley published by Mills and Boon in 1912.
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