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BALDWIN (Capt. J.H.): The Large and Small Game of Bengal and the North-Western Provinces of India, London, 1877 - TULLOCH (MAURICE): The All-in-One Shikar Book, first Indian edition, bookplate of A.K. Ihnatowicz, Bombay, n.d. - DUNBAR BRANDER (A.A.): Wild Animals in Central India, London, 1923 - 'THE OLD SHEKARRY' [H.A.L.]: Wrinkles, splits to spine, London, 1874 - INGLIS (Hon. JAMES): Tent Life in Tigerland, second edition, London, 1888 - GOULDSBURY (C.E.): Tigerland, London, 1913 - TODD (W. HOGARTH): Tiger, Tiger!, London, 1927 - HANLEY (PATRICK): Tiger Trails in Assam, first edition, d.w., London, 1961 - STEWART (Col. A.E.): Tiger and Other Game, second edition, London, 1928 - CHAMPION (F.W.): With a Camera in Tiger-land, London, 1934; The Jungle in Sunlight and Shadow, London, n.d. - CAMPBELL (Maj. WALTER): The Old Forest Ranger, fourth edition, London, 1869 - NARAYAN (R.K.): The Man-Eater of Malgudi, London, 1963 - CORBETT (JIM): Man-Eaters of Kuamon, Oxford, 1946; The Temple Tiger and more Man-Eaters of Kuamon, London, 1954; My India, London, 1952; Tree Tops, d.w., London, 1955 - BUCK (FRANK) & FERRIN (FRASER): Fang and Claw, first edition, London, 1935 - ANDERSON (KENNETH): This is the Jungle, London, 1964 - MITCHELL (K.W.S.): Tales from some Eastern Jungles, first edition, London, 1928 - WILLIAMS (J.H.): Elephant Bill, three copies, one with d.w., London, 1950/51 - BUDDEN (JOHN): Jungle John, London, 1927
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  1. Patrick Hawes
    Specialist - Sporting Guns
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    London, SW7 1HH
    United Kingdom
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