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BAKER (Sir SAMUEL W.): The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon, bookplate of A.K. Ihnatowicz, London, 1892; Eight Years in Ceylon, London, 1898 - ELLISON (BERNARD C.): H.R.H. The Prince of Wales's Sport in India, first edition, bookplate of A.K. Ihnatowicz, London, 1925 - CAMPBELL (Capt. WALTER): The Old Forest Ranger, second edition, London, 1845 - RICE (WILLIAM): Tiger-Shooting in India, first edition, London, 1857; "Indian Game" (From Quail to Tiger), first edition, London, 1884 - 'THE OLD SHEKARRY' [H.A.L.]: The Hunting Grounds of the Old World - Asia, third edition, London, 1865 - RUSSELL (C.E.M.): Bullet and Shot in Indian Forest, Plain and Hill, rebound, London, 1902 - WALLACE (HAROLD FRANK): The Big Game of Central and Western China, reprint, No. 129 of 300, Penrith, 1992 - CORBETT (JIM): Man-Eaters of Kuamon, Oxford, 1946 - CUMMING (Lt.-Col. GORDON): Wild Men & Wild Beasts, second edition, Edinburgh, 1872 - APPONYI (COUNT HENRIK): My Big-Game Hunting Diary, London, 1937 - GLASFURD (Col. A.I.R.): Musings of an Old Shikari, first edition, London, 1928 - BAILIE (W.W.): Days and Nights of Shikar, London, 1921 - BURDEN (W. DOUGLAS): Look to the Wilderness, London, 1961 - FRENCH (EVANGELINE), CABLE (MILDRED) & FRENCH (FRANCESCA): A Desert Journal-Letters from Central Asia, London, 1934 - FORBES (ROSITA): El Raisuni, The Sultan of the Mountains, first edition, London, 1924 - BENUZZI (FELICE): No Picnic on Mount Kenya, London, 1953 - CARR (NORMAN): Return to the Wild, London, 1963 - LOCKWOOK (DOUGLAS): Crocodiles and Other People, first edition, London, 1959 - BALLANTYNE (R.M.): The Gorilla Hunters, London, n.d. - PARK (MUNGO): The Travels of Mungo Park, London, 1915
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