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ROOSEVELT (THEODORE): African Game Trails, second impression, London, 1910 - LETCHER (OWEN): Big Game Hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia, bookplate of Reynold A. Carino, London, 1911 - SHORTHOSE (Lt.-Col. W.T.): Spade and Sport in Paganland, first edition, London, 1934 - DOWER (KENNETH GANDAR): The Spotted Lion, first edition, London, 1937 - HIBBEN (FRANK C.): Hunting in Africa, d.w., London, 1965 - SEATON (HENRY): Lion in the Morning, first edition, London, 1963 - PREBBLE (JOHN) ed.: Mongaso, first edition, London, 1956 - JEAREY (BERTRAM F.): Pride of Lions, first edition, London, 1936 - GATTI (ATTILIO): Killers All!, London, 1951 - HUNTER (J.A.): Hunter, first edition, London, 1952 - SCOBIE (ALASTAIR): Adventurer's Paradise, d.w., London, 1955 - LYELL (DENNIS D.): Memories of an African Hunter, second impression, London, 1924 - TAYLOR (JOHN): Pondoro - Last of the Ivory Hunters, first edition, London, 1956; Maneaters and Marauders, first edition, d.w., London, 1959 - JOHNSON (MARTIN): Over African Jungles, London, 1935 - BELLOTTI (FELICE): Fabulous Congo, London, n.d. - GATTI (ATTILIO): Tom-Toms in the Night, d.w., London, 1932 - MICHAEL (MARJORIE): I Married a Hunter, London, 1958 - ADAMSON (JOY): Born Free, London, 1960; Living Free, New York, 1961; Forever Free, d.w., London, 1962; The Spotted Sphinx, d.w., London, 1969; Pippa's Challenge, d.w., London, 1972; Queen of Sheba, d.w., London, 1980 - BLAKE (W.T.): Rhodesia and Nyasaland Journey, first edition, d.w., London, 1960 - HALLET (JEAN-PIERRE): Congo Kitabu, first edition, London, 1965 - EARL (LAWRENCE): Crocodile Fever, first edition, London, 1954 - KOENIG (OSKAR): Pori Tupu, first edition, London, 1954 - RUARK (ROBERT): Uhuru, first edition, London, 1962 - GERARD (JULES): Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in Algeria, London, n.d. - BALLANTYNE (R.M.): Hunting the Lions, London, n.d. - PITMAN (Capt. C.R.S.): A Game Warden Among His Charges, first edition, rebound, ex library, London, 1931; A Game Warden Takes Stock, London, 1942 - COMBE (P.H.): Hunting Beasts and Men, London, 1937 - LAKE (ALEXANDER): African Adventures, London, 1954 - HUNTER (J.A.) & MANNIX (DAN): African Bush Adventures, first edition, London, 1954 - PRETORIUS (Maj. P.J.): Jungle Man, first edition, London, 1947 - LAWMAN (TONY): The Long Grass, ex library, d.w., London, 1958 - MOLLOY (PETER): The Cry of the Fish Eagle, first edition, London, 1957 - CARR (NORMAN): The White Impala, London, 1971 - SIEDENTOPF (A.R.): The Last Stronghold of Big Game, first edition, London, 1947 - HOPE (ASCOTT R.): In Forest and Jungle, London, n.d. - CLARK (PERCY M.): The Autobiography of an Old Drifter, first edition, London, 1936 - HORN (ALFRED ALOYSIUS) & LEWIS (ETHELREDA): Trader Horn, first edition, London, 1927 - DE GUINGAND (Maj.-Gen. Sir FRANCIS): African Assignment, first edition, d.w., London, 1953 - CARR (ARCHIE): Ulendo-Travels of a Naturalist In and Out of Africa, first edition, New York, 1964 - ALLEN (VAN NES): I Found Africa, d.w., London, 1939 - DE WATTEVILLE (VIVIENNE): Out in the Blue, first edition, London, 1927; Speak to the Earth, first edition, spine detached, London, 1935 - BOYD (JOYCE): My Farm in Lion Country, first edition, London, 1933 - MICHAEL (MARJORIE): I Married a Hunter, first edition, London, 1956 - DENIS (MICHAELA): Leopard in my Lap, ex library, London, 1955 - MAYALL (MADGE): Safari; Kenya-Uganda, 1968, n.d. - DUTHIE (ERIC) ed.: Wild Company, first edition, d.w., London, 1962
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  1. Patrick Hawes
    Specialist - Sporting Guns
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    London, SW7 1HH
    United Kingdom
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