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OBERJOHANN (HEINRICH): Wild Elephant Chase, first edition, London,1953 - BAKER (Sir SAMUEL W.): The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, fourth edition, London, 1871; The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, London, 1885 - LIVINGSTONE (DAVID): A Popular Account of Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa, London, 1861 - LIVINGSTONE (DAVID & CHARLES): Expedition to the Zambesi, reprint, d.w., London, 2001 - SMITH (RONALD): Stanley in Tropical Africa, third edition, London, 1890 - FLETCHER (F.W.F.): Sport on the Nilgris and in Wynaad, London, 1911 - DONOVAN (Capt. C.H.W.): With Wilson in Matabeleland, London, 1894 - MILLAIS (J.G.): Far Away up the Nile, London, 1924 - SWANN (ALFRED J.): Fighting the Slave-Hunters in Central Africa, London, 1910 - BARNS (T. ALEXANDER): Across the Great Craterland to the Congo, rebound, London, 1923 - OWEN (T.R.H.): Hunting Big Game with Gun and Camera in Africa, first edition, London, 1960 - MORDEN (WILLIAM & IRENE): Our African Adventure, London, n.d. - WALDECK (THEODORE J.): On Safari, d.w., London, 1946 - DENIS (ARMAND): On Safari, London, 1963 - LUCAS (T.J.): Camp Life and Sport in South Africa, facsimile edition, d.w., Johannesburg, 1975 - TABLER (EDWARD C.) ed.: The Recollections of William Finaughty, Elephant Hunter, second edition, Cape Town, 1957 - BAZE (WILLIAM): Just Elephants, first edition, London, 1955 - CARRINGTON (RICHARD): Elephants, two copies, one a first edition, the other with d.w., London, 1958 - BLUNT (Cdr. DAVID ENDERBY): Elephant, London, n.d. - SCOTT (ROBERT L.): Between the Elephant's Eyes, bookplate of A.K. Ihnatowicz, London, 1955 - STRACEY (P.D.): Reade, Elephant Hunter, first edition, London, 1967; Elephant Gold, first edition, London, 1963 - EVANS (Lt.-Col. G.H.): Elephants and Their Diseases, Rangoon, 1910 - WILLIAMS (Lt.-Col. J.H.): Elephant Bill, two copies, London, 1950/60; Bandoola, London, 1953 - BLOND (GEORGES): The Elephants, d.w., London, 1962 - HOLMAN (DENNIS): The Elephant People, first edition, d.w., London, 1967 - TEMPLE-PERKINS (E.A.): Kingdom of the Elephant, first edition, London, 1955 - DUFFY (KEVIN): Black Elephant Hunter, London, 1961 - HOLMAN (DENNIS): Massacre of the Elephants, first edition, New York, 1967 - OBERJOHANN (HEINRICH): Wild Elephant Chase, first edition, London, 1953 - FAULKNER (HENRY): Elephant Haunts, reprint, No. 455 of 750, d.w., Malawi, 1984 - MULDOON (GUY): The Trumpeting Herd, d.w., London, 1957 - CAPSTICK (PETER HATHAWAY): The Last Ivory Hunter, d.w., London, 1988
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