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DRAYSON (Capt. A.): Tales at the Outspan, second edition, London, 1865 - KIRKLAND (CAROLINE): Some African Highways, first edition, London, 1908 - LAKE (ALEXANDER): African Adventures, ex library, rebound, London, 1954 - STONEHAM (C.T.): Wanderings in Wild Africa, ex library, London, 1936 - PEEL (C.V.A.): Through the Length of Africa, second edition, London, 1928 - TALBOT (P. AMAURY): In The Shadow Of The Bush, first edition, London, 1938 - GREEN (LAWRENCE G.): Strange Africa, ex library, London, 1938 - DALY (MARCUS): Big Game Hunting And Adventure, 1897-1936, first edition, d.w., London, 1937 - BRUCE (CHARLES): Stirring Adventures in African Travel, Edinburgh, 1896 - KEARTON (CHERRY): In The Land Of The Lion, Bristol, 1933; Photographing Wild Life Across The World, Bristol, n.d. - HICKIN (NORMAN E.): African Notebook, London, 1969 - GREEN (LAWRENCE G.): Strange Africa, London, 1938 - DARLEY (Maj. HENRY): Slave and Ivory, London, 1935 - KLEMM (HORST): An African Journal, No. 2843 of 5000, signed by the author, slip case, Singapore, 1994 - CLARK (JAMES L.): Trails of the Hunted, New York, 1932 - WHITE (STEWART EDWARD): The Land Of Footprints, London, n.d. - JOHNSON (MARTIN): Lion, New York, 1929 - WELLS (ERIC F.V.): Lions Wild and Friendly, London, 1933 - STEVENSON-HAMILTON (J.): Wild Life in South Africa, first edition, London, 1947 - ZWILLING (ERNST A.): Jungle Fever, d.w., London, 1956 - DE WATTEVILLE (VIVIENNE): Speak to the Earth, third edition, London, 1940 - MASON (MICHAEL H.): Deserts Idle, London, n.d. - HENRIQUES (ROBERT D.Q.): Death by Moonlight, first edition, London, 1938 - GRAHAME (IAIN): Jambo Effendi, first edition, London, 1966 - SAVAGE (KATHARINE): The Story of Africa South of the Sahara, first edition, London, 1961
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