Three Luristan Bronze Axe-Heads
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Three Luristan Bronze Axe-Heads
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Three Luristan Bronze Axe-Heads
Late 2nd/Early 1st Millenium B.C.
All in excavated condition, the first with slightly waisted blade with a raised medial ridge extending back on each side to form a bevelled edge around the top of the socket, the socket with lower border en suite, drawn-out to a rounded point above and below at the back and with bluntly-pointed peen between; the last each of similar form, with triangular blade and downcurved cutting-edge, integral circular socket cast with horizontal ridges extending back to form a pierced peen of four linked pointed projections (3)
15.2 cm., 19.7 cm. and 22.1 cm.


  • Literature:
    Hoffmeyer, cat. nos. 161, 162 and 163, pp. 23 and 192, fig. 4
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