An Indian Pesh-Kabz
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An Indian Pesh-Kabz
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An Indian Pesh-Kabz
19th Century
With watered recurved sharply-pointed blade with reinforced cutting-edge and point of flattened diamond section, the spine of T-section and roughly chiselled with a medial line, beaked russet iron hilt damascened with gold flower-heads and foliage (some wear), and rounded ivory grips (minor old splits) of plano-convex section secured by five transverse brass pins, in original wooden scabbard covered in purple velvet; together with an Indian 19th Century scabbard for a North Indian Khyber knife with recurved blade, of wood covered with light brown velvet, and retaining its silver locket and chape pierced with symmetrical designs of foliage and arabesques respectively, the locket with finely pierced swivel for a tassel (2)
22.3 cm. blade and 73 cm.


  • Literature:
    Hoffmeyer, cat. no. 246 and possibly 213 (part), pp. 245, 252 and 257, fig. 64
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