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GLADSTONE (HUGH S.): Record Bags and Shooting Records, third impression, London, 1923 - PARKER (ERIC): Elements of Shooting, London, n.d. - HAWKER (Lt.-Col. P.): Instructions to Young Sportsmen..., London, 1922 - PURDEY (T.D.S.) & PURDEY (Capt. J.A.): The Shot Gun, two copies, one with d.w., London, 1947 - LANCASTER (CHARLES): The Art of Shooting, thirteenth edition, d.w., London, 1962 - GREENER (W.W.): The Gun and its Development, ninth edition reprint, d.w., London, n.d. - HASTINGS (MACDONALD): Churchill's Game Shooting, fifth edition, London, 1979 - MACPHERSON (Rev. H.A.), STUART-WORTLEY (A.J.) & SAINTSBURY (GEORGE): The Partridge, London, 1893 - GARWOOD (G.T.): Gough Thomas's Gun Book, London, 1980; Gough Thomas's Second Gun Book, d.w., London, 1975; Shotguns & Cartridges for Game and Clays, d.w., London, 1977; Shotguns and Cartridges, d.w., London, 1963 - STANBURY (PERCY) & CARLISLE (G.L.): Shotgun Marksmanship, d.w., London, 1977; Shotgun and Shooter, d.w., London, 1977 - DOUGLAS (JAMES): The Sporting Gun, d.w., London, 1983 - STANFORD (J.K.): Grouse Shooting, d.w., London, 1963; Partridge Shooting, d.w., London, 1963; The Complex Gun, d.w., London, 1968 - CADMAN (ARTHUR): Shouldergunning for Duck, d.w., London, 1963; Goose Shooting, d.w., London, n.d.; A Guide to Rough Shooting, d.w., London, 1974 - STANDFIELD (F.G.): Pheasant Shooting, d.w., London, 1963 - MCFARLAND (F.M.): Clay Pigeon Shooting, d.w., London, 1964 - RUFFER (J.E.M.): Good Shooting, d.w., London, 1980 - BASC Handbook of Shooting, fifth edition, Wykey, 2003 - COLES (CHARLES) ed.: Shooting and Stalking, d.w., London, 1983 - WILLOCK (COLIN) ed.: The ABC of Shooting, d.w., London, 1975 - JACKSON (ANTHONY): So You Want To Go Shooting, d.w., London, 1976 - SEDGWICK (N.M.): The Young Shot, d.w., London, 1975 - MARCHINGTON (JOHN): The Practical Wildfowler, London, 1977 - SEDGWICK (NOEL M.), WHITAKER (PETER) & HARRISON (JEFFERY) ed.: The New Wildfowler in the 1970's, d.w., London, 1979 - ADAIR (HUNTER): Shooting and the Countryside, London, 1984 - SMITH (GUY N.): Gamekeeping and Shooting for Amateurs, d.w., Liss, 1976 - COATS (ARCHIE): The Amateur Keeper, d.w., London, 1978 - HUMPHREYS (JOHN): The Do-It-Yourself Game Shoot, London, 1983 - JEFFERIES (RICHARD): The Gamekeeper at Home, d.w., London, 1948 - JONES (OWEN) & WOODWARD (MARCUS): A Gamekeeper's Note-Book, d.w., Ludlow, 2002 - MACNALLY (LEA): Highland Deer Forest, d.w., London, 1970 - EDEN (RONALD): Going to the Moors, signed by the author, d.w., London, 1979 - BATEMAN (JAMES A.): Trapping: A Practical Guide, d.w., London, 1979 - HOWE (WALTER): Professional Gunsmithing, d.w., Harrisburg, 1946 - WILKINSON (F.): Sporting Guns, d.w., London, 1984 - AKEHURST (RICHARD): Game Guns and Rifles, London, 1985 - BOOTHROYD (GEOFFREY): The Shotgun, History and Development, author's dedication, d.w., London, 1985; Gun Collecting, d.w., London, 1987 - CRUDGINGTON (I.M.) & BAKER (D.J.): The British Shotgun, Vol. One, d.w., London, 1979 - KING (PETER): The Shooting Field; One hundred and fifty years with Holland & Holland, d.w., London, 1985 - BAKER (DAVID J.): Heyday of the Shotgun, d.w., Shrewsbury, 2000 - TATE (DOUGLAS): British Gun Engraving, signed by the photographer, d.w., Long Beach, 2000 - PERCY (Lord RALPH): Debrett's Book of Game Cards, d.w., London, 1986 - GUDGEON (SIMON): A Passion for Grouse, d.w., Devizes, 2001 - SCHRODER (PIFFA): Cocks Only, d.w., Shrewsbury, 2003 - CATCHPOLE (GILES): Birds, Boots & Barrels, d.w., Shrewsbury, 2002 - HILLEARY (ALASDAIR): The Sporting Cartoons of Loon, d.w., Shrewsbury, 1997
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  1. Patrick Hawes
    Specialist - Sporting Guns
    Montpelier Street
    London, SW7 1HH
    United Kingdom
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