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The Art Of The Gunmaker, vol. 1, signed by the author, d.w., 1962 and vol II, signed by the author, 1963 - GEORGE (J.N.): English Pistols & Revolvers, d.w. (torn), 1938; English Guns and Rifles, d.w., 1947 - BAXTER (CAPTAIN D.R.): Superimposed Load Firearms 1360-1860, signed by the author to Dixon, no. 336 of 500 copies, d.w., 1966 - DIXON (NORMAN): Georgian Pistols, The Art and Craft of the Flintlock Pistol, 1715-1840, d.w., 1971 - BLACKMORE (HOWARD L.): Guns and Rifles of the World, d.w., 1965; Royal Sporting Guns at Windsor, d.w., 1968; Gunmakers Of London 1350-1850, d.w., 1986 - KEITH NEAL (W.) AND BACK (D.H.L): The Mantons: Gunmakers, d.w., 1966; Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790, 1975 - Early Firearms of Great Britain And Ireland From The Collection Of Clay P. Bedford, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York, exhibition catalogue, with correspondance between Bedford and Dixon, d.w., 1971 - UNSWORTH (L. PATRICK): The Early Purdeys, signed by the author, with correspondance from the author to Dixon, d.w., 1996 - BROWN (NIGEL): British Gunmakers Volume Two..., d.w., 2005 - COOPER (JOHN S.) AND WESTWOOD (KENNETH J.): John Dafte Gunsmith And The Horrid Conspiracy of 1683, half-calf gilt, marbled boards, no.9 of a limited edition, slip-case, 1989 - COOPER (JOHN S.): For Commenwealth And Crown..., signed by the author, d.w., 1993 - LAVIN (JAMES D.): A History Of Spanish Firearms, d.w., 1965 - WIGINGTON (ROBIN): The Firearms Of Tipu Sultan 1783-1799, signed by the author to Dixon, e.g., d.w., 1992 - GRANCSAY (STEPHEN V.): Master French Gunsmiths' Designs Of The Mid-Seventeenth Century Reproduced in Facsimile, New York, 1950 - JACKSON (HERBERT J.) & WHITELAW (CHARLES E.): European Hand Firearms Of The Sixteenth, Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries, no. 14 of 550 copies, 1923 - ATKINSON (JOHN A.): The British Duelling Pistol, d.w., 1978 - LINDSAY (MERRILL): One Hundred Great Guns..., d.w. 1967 - GLENDENNING (IAN): British Pistols And Guns 1640-1840, 1951 - WILSON (R.L): The Book Of Colt Engraving, d.w., 1974 - ROSA (JOSEPH G.): Colonel Colt London ..., d.w., 1976 - DEXTER (F. THEODORE): Thirty-Five Years' Scrapbook of Antique Arms, vol. 1, 1947, vol. 2, 1947; Forty-Two Years' Scrapbook of Rare Ancient Firearms, signed by the author to Dixon, d.w., 1954; Half Century Scrapbook of Vari-Type Firearms, signed by the author to Dixon, 1960 - and a quantity of related publications (a lot)
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