Property of a deceased's estate,1930 Brough Superior Overhead 680 Frame no. J1025 Engine no. GTOY/W 3815/S
Lot 311
Property of a deceased's estate,1930 Brough Superior Overhead 680 Frame no. J1025 Engine no. GTOY/W 3815/S
Sold for £59,740 (US$ 100,412) inc. premium
Lot Details
Property of a deceased's estate
1930 Brough Superior Overhead 680
Registration no. SS 3180
Frame no. J1025
Engine no. GTOY/W 3815/S
Crankcase matching nos. 41/41

The Brough Superior Club has confirmed that this matching-numbers (engine and frame) Overhead 680 was despatched from the works on 22nd July 1930 to W Shackleton and registered as 'SS 3180' by East Lothian CC, being later resold to Kettlewell on 15th May 1931 (letter on file). The Club further believes that if the successful buyer is UK resident there should be no difficulty in having the original registration number reissued with their assistance. 'SS 3180' was purchased by the vendor's deceased father over 45 years ago, at which time it was complete although requiring restoration; indeed, the deceased owner's son recalls the Brough as complete some 40 years ago. It seems that the vendor's father did some work after dismantling the machine, including stripping the frame of paint and removing the valves and guides from the cylinder heads, while there is evidence of a repair to the front cylinder barrel. Fortunately, there seems to be very little missing apart from the silencers (which had probably rusted away) and the dynamo.
Still present are many difficult-to-find items including mudguards, stays, stands (front and rear), engine plates, toolboxes (both), speedometer (recording 2,535 miles), Castle forks, control levers, handlebars, lights, Sturmey Archer gearbox, engine, frame, carburettor and float chambers, front wheel, rear hub and rim, petrol tank with caps, dismantled clutch, magneto (possibly incorrect), rider and passenger seats, oil tank, gearchange lever and linkage, footrests, etc. (Prospective purchasers should satisfy themselves with regard to this Lot's completeness or otherwise prior to bidding). Sadly, no related paperwork has been discovered, though it is hoped that some may have been found by time of sale.

There can now be very few 680s such as this waiting to be unearthed, as appreciating values have encouraged the sale of the majority. Sold strictly as viewed, 'SS 3180' represents an exciting opportunity to acquire one of the most sought-after models in the Brough Superior range, ripe for sympathetic restoration.
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