1999 Honda CBR1100XX Frame no. JH2SC35A8WM109333
Lot 228
Number '01' of the series, 9 miles from new,1999 Honda CBR1200XX Super Blackbird Limited Edition Frame no. JH2SC35A8WM109883 Engine no. SC35E3004968
£7,000 - 8,000
US$ 12,000 - 13,000
Lot Details
Number '01' of the series, 9 miles from new
1999 Honda CBR1200XX Super Blackbird Limited Edition
Registration no. T50 SBB
Frame no. JH2SC35A8WM109883
Engine no. SC35E3004968
'World-beating build quality, unique braking system and the fastest bike in the world...' – Bike magazine.

Knocking Kawasaki's ZZ-R1100 off its 'King of Speed' throne, the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird arrived in 1996 and helped to establish a new category of motorcycle: the 'hyperbike'. In fact, the Blackbird wasn't that much faster than the ZZ-R1100, recording a top speed of 177mph against the Kawasaki's 174 in Bike's 1997 test, although it proved to have significantly better handling and stability. 'For real riding on real roads the balance of tyre grip, suspension and ground clearance was just about perfect,' declared Britain's No.1 motorcycle magazine. As a pillion mount the Blackbird was considered the best on test, only the linked brakes spoiling the package in the opinion of some of the testers. (De-linking kits have since become available). The Blackbird remained substantially unaltered until production ended in 2007, the adoption of fuel injection in 1999 being the only significant upgrade. Celebrating Honda's 50 years as a motorcycle manufacturer, Honda Britain released a series of enhanced, limited edition models in 1998, the Blackbird upgrade being entrusted to V&M Racing. V&M bored out and tuned the engine (this example comes with a dynamometer printout recording a maximum of 183.1bhp!) while the chassis was improved by fitting a Penske shock absorber and LSL rear-set footrests for increase ground clearance. Out of a planned build of 50 only 25-or-so were made, each of which cost £15,595 (around 50% more than the stock item).

Number '01' of the series, the CBR1200XX offered here was registered as 'T190 LLD' by Honda Motor Europe Motorcycle Division in March 1999 and acquired later that same month by first owner Cecil Galliford, who changed the registration to 'T50 SBB'. It is not known when Aled Jenkins acquired the machine, though there is a V&M invoice on file made out to Aled and dated 27th April 2001. Currently displaying a total of only 9 miles on the odometer, the machine is offered with DVLA correspondence, various magazine articles, CBR1200XX factory brochure, Swansea V5 document and two old MoTs (most recent expired March 2007).
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