1978 Honda CBX1000Z Frame no. CB1 2005372
Lot 217
1979 Honda CBX1000Z Frame no. CB1 2005372 Engine no. CB1E 2005542
£6,700 - 7,200
US$ 11,000 - 12,000
Lot Details
1979 Honda CBX1000Z
Registration no. UEY 423T (see text)
Frame no. CB1 2005372
Engine no. CB1E 2005542
'The CBX was quite simply a marvellous revelation which has genuinely elevated the status of motorcycling. Few people will be able to afford to run one, but then the best is never cheap. Above all, such a motorcycle should not be condemned because it's an excess.' - Bike magazine, December 1978.

Just as it had in the preceding decade with the four-cylinder CB750, Honda stunned the world again in the 1970s, introducing the Gold Wing super-tourer and the outrageous six-cylinder CBX1000. Launched in 1978, the latter was not the first six of the modern era, Benelli's 750 Sei having beaten it by a couple of years, but it was by far the biggest and fastest. Launched in 'naked', twin-shock form, the CBX was revamped for 1981 gaining Pro-Link mono-shock rear suspension, a half fairing and ventilated front disc brakes. Weighing around 550lbs and with 105bhp on tap, the CBX was good for over 130mph and scorched through the standing quarter-mile in around 12 seconds. For most owners though, it was not the CBX's performance so much as its on-road presence that mattered. Even today, few bikes can match it for charisma, visual appeal and, above all, sound.

Imported into the UK and first registered here in 1997 as 'CBX 6T', this example of an increasingly collectible classic has also been registered as 'AMX 2T' and 'UEY 423T' (the accompanying Swansea V5C document relates to the latter number). The machine was purchased by Aled Jenkins in 2001 having previously belonged to one Andrew Roch of Bristol and before him to Michael Pollard of Wells, Somerset. Additional documentation consists of sundry invoices, DVLA correspondence, SORN paperwork, copies of old Swansea V5 documents and a substantial quantity of MoT certificates, the most recent of which was issued in July 2011 at 6,993 miles (the current odometer reading is 7,095 miles).

Saleroom notices

  • We are unable to inspect the engine number due to accesibility.
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