Hizen Canton iron tsuba with dragon design; Iron tsuba with birds in flush-inlaid silver; Iron Nanban tsuba with confronted dragon in silver; Copper tsuba with dragon
Lot 2320
Four Nanban-style tsuba 18th-19th century
Sold for US$ 1,250 inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
Property from the collection of Clarence McKenzie Lewis Jr.
Four Nanban-style tsuba
18th-19th century
Comprising an iron Canton-style tsuba with confronting dragons among vines, a free-moving jewel at the top; a circular iron plate with a raised rim and decorated with confronting dragons and flowering vines in silver nunomezogan; a rounded-rectangular iron plate decorated with stylized phoenixes and clouds in silver nunomezogan; a circular copper plate carved with rain dragons in clouds in katakiribori, the rim with a silver "rope" fukurin
3 1/8in (7.7cm) diameter (the largest)
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