Nara school iron tsuba with fishing nets and a flock of geese, silver vines on rim; Nara school iron tsuba with ferns in iron and shakudo; Iron tsuba with Daruma on a lotus leaf, illegibly signed Mito ju le.
Lot 2319
Three inlaid iron tsuba 18th-19th century
Sold for US$ 1,625 inc. premium
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Lot Details
Property from the collection of Clarence McKenzie Lewis Jr.
Three inlaid iron tsuba
18th-19th century
Comprising a heavy, lobed iron plate worked on the surface and decorated with a flock of geese, mists and fishing nets drying above pine trees in takabori and gold, silver and shakudo takazogan, the rounded rim inlaid in scrolling silver wire; a mokko plate decorated on the surface with young bracken ferns in takabori and shakudo takazogan; a Mito-school oval tsuchimeji plate boldly carved with Daruma crossing the sea on a lotus leaf, his eyes, earring and the dots of foam inlaid in gold and silver, illegibly signed Mito ju Ie (tsugu?) saku
3 3/8in (7.6cm) long (the largest)
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