1975 Suzuki RE-5 Frame no. 11068
Lot 239
1975 Suzuki 497cc RE5 Engine no. RE5 11068
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1975 Suzuki 497cc RE5
Engine no. RE5 11068
Although not (quite) the first rotary-engined motorcycle to reach production - that honor falling to the DKW/Hercules W2000 (an example of which is offered later in the sale as lot 304) – Suzuki's RE5 nevertheless stunned the motorcycling public when it was unveiled at the Tokyo Show in 1973. A heroic engineering tour-de-force, the RE5 successfully addressed many of the technical problems that hitherto had bedeviled the rotary engine, albeit at a cost of increased complexity. Faced with stiff competition from Suzuki's own GT750, Honda's CB750 and the Kawasaki Z1, the RE5 failed to attract sufficient customers from within the notoriously conservative motorcycle-buying public and was withdrawn from production in 1977. The fact that it survived as long as it did is probably down to corporate pride more than anything else. Today though, this revolutionary motorcycle continues to be supported by the Rotary Owners' Club and a enthusiastic band of devotees, and can only become increasingly collectible.

Currently displaying a total of only 346 miles on the odometer, this example retains its original paint, fixtures, etc and carries a 'Maintenance Schedule' sticker on the front forks dating from March 1986 (when the transmission oil was changed) recording the mileage at that time as 242. The motorcycle was last licensed in 1995.

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  • Please note that the title for this bikre is in transit. Please note that the frame and engine numbers for this bike are 11068, and RE510865 respectively.
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