1964 BMW 3200 CS Bertone Coupé
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1964 BMW 3200 CS Coupé Chassis no. 76271
€35,000 - 45,000
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1964 BMW 3200 CS Coupé
Coachwork by Carrozzeria Bertone

Chassis no. 76271
BMW recommenced car production in 1952 with the introduction of the upmarket 501 saloon, a strange choice for an impoverished country still recovering from the ravages of war. The 501 had been announced in 1951 and first appeared with a development of the company's famous six-cylinder engine of pre-war days, gaining a much needed performance boost, in the form of a 2.6-litre overhead-valve V8, in 1954. Subsequently enlarged to 3,168cc, this advanced all-aluminium unit was used to power the successor 502 saloon, the 503 coupé/cabriolet and the legendary Albrecht Goertz-designed 507 sports car. While the latter is universally recognised as an all-time classic, Goertz's 503 looks ponderous in comparison, although with 140bhp on tap it was certainly no slouch, boasting a top speed of 115mph.
With BMW redirecting its efforts towards the medium-size market sector, on which its future prosperity would be founded, the days of these large, fast and luxurious motorcars were numbered. Their last glorious flowering was the 503's replacement, the 3200 CS Coupé, for whose body the German manufacturer turned to the Italian Carrozzeria Bertone. The company's flagship model, the 3200 CS debuted at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show and was one of the first BMWs to be equipped with front disc brakes. The V8 engine now produced 160bhp, which was good enough for a top speed of 125mph. Approximately 540 examples of the 3200 CS Coupé were produced between 1961 and 1965, and today this rare model remains one of BMW's more under-appreciated classics.
This left-hand drive, manual transmission BMW 3200 CS was first registered in Sweden on 1st January 1964 and has had eight owners in total: the current one since July 2008 and the previous from March 1982. Fully restored mechanically by BMW Munich in August 1972 (56,000 kilometres ago) the car was repainted in the late 1990s and is described by the private vendor as in generally very good condition, non-functioning rear window lifts being the only fault notified. Finished in white with original brown interior, the latter retaining its original radio, this stylish coupé comes complete with tool kit in its original case; original brochure and owner's handbook; sundry invoices; all technical inspection certificates since 1972; current Swedish registration papers; and valid technical inspection (issued 5th May 2011).

Das neue BMW-Flagschiff, das 3200 CS Coupé debütierte 1961 auf der Frankfurter Automobil Messe. Von Bertone gestylt, mit dem 3,2 Liter V-8, der inzwischen 160 PS leistete, war er einer der ersten BMW mit Scheibenbremsen. Lediglich 540 Exemplare des 3200 CS wurden zwischen 1961 und 1965 produziert. Linksgelenkt und handgeschaltet, wurde der Wagen am 1.1.1964 erstmals in Schweden zugelassen. Der vorletzte Besitzer hatte den BMW von März 1982 bis Juli 2008. Im August 1972, vor 56.000 km, wurde das Coupé von BMW in München mechanisch vollständig restauriert. Der jetzige Eigentümer beschreibt den Wagen als "in sehr gutem Allgemeinzustand", bis auf die hinteren, nicht-funktionierenden Fensterheber. Weiss lackiert, mit originalem, braunem Interieur und dem originalen Radio ausgestattet, wird der BMW mit originalem Werkzeug, Verkaufsprospekt und Bedienungsanleitung versteigert.
Die Fahrzeugpapiere bestehen aus Schwedischer Zulassung und gültiger technischster Abnahme vom 5. Mai 2011.