1926 BMW R42
Lot 107
1926 BMW 494cc R42 Frame no. 10383 Engine no. 45836
€28,000 - 35,000
US$ 39,000 - 48,000
Lot Details
1926 BMW 494cc R42
Frame no. 10383
Engine no. 45836
Launched in 1923, the first motorcycle to be sold as a BMW - the R32 - featured a 494cc, twin-cylinder, sidevalve engine having horizontally opposed cylinders, and this 'flat twin' layout would forever be associated with the marque. Setting a pattern that endures to this day, the first BMW motorcycle was relatively expensive but superbly engineered and constructed, while the quality of finish was of the highest order. Before long BMW updated its original tourer, which in 1926 became the R42, gaining a redesigned and more powerful engine boasting detachable alloy cylinder heads and cooling fins set at 90 degrees to the cylinder axis. The engine was set further back in the duplex loop frame, which improved weight distribution and enabled straight front down-tubes to be used in place of the curved ones seen hitherto. The braking too came in for attention: the old block-and-pulley type rear brake being replaced by a drum on the driveshaft gripped by external contracting bands. Electric lighting was still regarded as an 'extra' and would not be standardised until 1928. R42 production lasted for just two years and today this rare Vintage-era BMW is among the marque's most desirable and sought after machines of the period.

Information supplied by the BMW Group Archives states that this particular R42 consists of a frame delivered to Berlin on 19th July 1926 and an engine delivered on 19th April 1928. Restored for display 30 years ago but not ridden, the machine is described as '95% original' and is offered from the estate of a deceased collector. Its mechanical condition is not known and thus this motorcycle is sold strictly as viewed. (It should be noted that there is no fuel pipe and that the inlet manifolds are not properly connected). There are no registration documents with this Lot.

Als Nachfolgerin des 1932 vorgestellten, ersten BMW-Motorrads, der R32, kam die stark verbesserte R42 1926 auf den Markt. Der stärkere Motor verfügte bereits über abnehmbare Zylinderköpfe. Darüberhinaus wurden deutliche Verbesserungen an Rahmen und Bremsen vorgenommen. Aus dem BMW-Archiv geht hervor, dass der Rahmen am 19. Juli 1926 nach Berlin geliefert wurde, während der Motor zu einer R42 gehörte, die im April 1928 das Werk verliess. Vor 30 Jahren als Ausstellungsstück restauriert, aber nie gefahren, wird die Maschine aus dem Nachlass eines verstorbenen Sammler versteigert. Der mechanische Zustand ist unbekannt und das Motorrad wird 'verkauft wie besichtigt'. Es gilt zu beachten, das eine Benzinleitung und die Einlasskrümmer nur provisorische befestigt sind. Zu dem Los gehören keinerlei Fahrzeugpapiere.