Angara Launch Vehicle model
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ANGARA LAUNCH VEHICLE MODEL. Model of an Angara 3 launch vehicle,
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Angara Launch Vehicle model Angara Launch Vehicle model
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Model of an Angara 3 launch vehicle, probably produced by the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, 25 inches tall on 9 x 6 inch base. The rocket itself has 4 reusable flyback Baikal boosters mounted to it. Each element has Cyrillic decals, the Baikals all with Russian flags. Transparent lucite base with plaque.

The Angara rocket family is currently under development, and is intended to secure Russia's position in space flight. Intended to be launched in Russia, rather than Baikonur in Kazakhstan, they will replace the existing, mostly Ukrainian, technology. The most curious aspect to this model is the use of Baikal boosters; after providing thrust to the Angara rocket, once at an altitude of about 75 kilometers, the Baikals separate from the Angara, and folding wings stored parallel to their fuselages turn through 90 degrees allowing the boosters to land safely. This is both cost-effective and a safety feature since Russia's new cosmodromes are far inland and so falling space debris must be avoided.
The lucite base apparently signed by cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Viktor Savinykh.
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