Complete 1948 Olympic torch
Lot 6
1948 London
Sold for £4,750 (US$ 7,976) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
1948 London
A complete torch assembly, cast alloy crown with pierced Olympic rings and embossed "XlVth Olympiad 1948 London with thanks to the Bearer," including the pierced steel firebox and retaining pin, set on a solid turned alloy shaft, 470mm. high


  • Designed by the Architect Ralph Lavers and cast in Hiduminium alloy. The fuel was hexamine and napthalene tables in a special steel container. There were 1720 torches made in total and each runner in the relay was permitted to retain their torch. A different design, using magnesium for the flame, was used in the final lighting sequence in the stadium.

    An enduring design, the style was used again for the 1956 Winter Olympiad at Cortina and the Melbourne Games of the same year, and in a slightly modified form for the 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympiad.
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