Tug of War - Silver Medal
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Tug of War - Silver Medal
Sold for £3,750 (US$ 6,303) inc. premium
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A 1908 London Olympics Tug of War Silver Medal,
Lot Details
Tug of War - Silver Medal
A silver medal awarded to Constable James M. Clark, Liverpool Constabulary, boxed, and inscribed on the lid; together with a boxed bronze and enamel Competitor's medal, a photograph of the Silver Medal winning team plus an embroidered Olympic Team jersey badge. Also a collection of personal memorabilia from the life of James M. Clark (1874-1926) including Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, Scots Guards Army service documents and memorabilia, Probate and Funeral details, a series of Tug of War postcards and other photographs, together with two presentation Truncheons; Queen Victoria's Jubilee and Liverpool Riot 1919, a set of Handcuffs and a silver whistle (small quantity)


  • Only seven teams entered the 1908 Tug of War competition. German and Greece withdrew before the start, leaving USA and Sweden to compete against three UK Police Teams: City of London, Liverpool and Metropolitan. Liverpool pulled against the US in the quarter finals, with the other teams having byes, and won the first pull after which the Americans protested the Police team wearing their service boots. When this was declined, the US withdrew. Liverpool beat Sweden in the semi finals and went on to be defeated by the City of London in the final.
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