Figure Skating Archive, 1898-1933
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Figure Skating Archive, 1898-1933
£300 - 500
US$ 500 - 840
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Figure Skating Archive, 1898-1933 Figure Skating Archive, 1898-1933
Lot Details
Figure Skating Archive, 1898-1933
Herbert Yglesias' collection of photographs and ephemera relating to skating and figure skating. Including: an autograph letter, addressed to "Dear Fowler" and signed by T. Maxwell-Witham, the author of Skating and Figure Skating, dated March 21 1898, together with a platinum print photograph of Maxwell-Witham which accompanies the letter and is referred to in it: "I have not been photographed for 30 years...I send you a copy. It is symbolic as alas I am very much on the outside edge and am going backwards rapidly!"; a gelatin silver print of "the first skate ground mechanically to a true radius by means of a radiating bar", circa 1871; a group portrait, captioned in ink in manuscript on the mount "Some Officials at the World's Championship in Figure Skating, London, 1898", all of whom are identified by name, including G. H. Fowler to whom the letter from Maxwell-Witham is addressed; seven menus, from 1899-1912, most signed by notable skaters, including a banquet "At the Fourth Congress of the International Skating Union by the National Skating Association of Great Britain," June 7th, 1899 and another signed menu from the I.S.C.D banquet, January 1904; a gelatin silver print of Eisbahn Davos, 1902; a certificate awarded to Herbet Yglesias from the Internationaler Schlittschuhklub Davos, 1904, and three programmes for the National Skating Association of Great Britain, World's Championship Meeting, 1928, 1929 and 1933 (small quantity)


  • Herbert Ramon Yglesias (1864-1949) was a well respected skater and skating judge. He wrote a number of books on the subject and was also a judge at the 1924 Olympics in Paris.
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