A framed and glazed collection of Cycling medals and badges including Olympic Games 1908-1932
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Cycling - Medals and Badges, 1908-1930
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Cycling - Medals and Badges, 1908-1930
A collection of medals and badges, including Olympic Games, framed and glazed, comprising: the 1908 Olympics London Silvered commemorative medal; 1912 Stockholm Bronze participant's medal; 1920 Antwerp Silvered commemorative medal; 1924 Paris Bronze participant's medal; 1928 Amsterdam Bronze participant's medal, plus an Official's badge and ribbon; 1936 Berlin Bronze participant's medal; together with International Olympic Committee Congress medals and badges, including: 1925 Prague Silver and Bronze badges and 1930 Berlin Bronze medallion.

Also a collection of International Cycling Union (UCI) medals and badges:
1923 Bronze medallion, UCI Championnats du Monde Zurich; 1926 Enamel badge, UCI Championato del Mondo Rome; 1927 Enamel badge, UCI Miesterschaft der Welt; 1929 Bronze plaque and badge, UCI Championnats du Monde Zurich; 1930 Bronze plaque and Enamel badge with ribbon UCI/LVB Championnats du Monde Aout; 1931 Enamelled badge, UCI Copenhagen; 1933 Enamelled badge and ribbon, UCI Championnats du Monde Paris; 1935 Enamelled badge and ribbon, UCI/LVB Championnats du Monde; 1938 Enameled badge and ribbon, UCI/LVB Nederlandsche Wielreunie; together a small enamelled National Sporting Trophies Exhibition "Committee" badge, engraved on the reverse "Percy Low Esq.," [1908-1932]


  • No marking on the Olympic medals or badges indicate the recipient, although the collection would suggest attendance in an official (rather than a competitive) role, connected with International Cycling. The entire collection may relate to the named committee member, Percy Low.
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