A very important early 'Wigornia' type creamboat, circa 1756
Lot 85
A fine early Worcester 'Wigornia' creamboat, circa 1752-3
Sold for £16,250 (US$ 27,313) inc. premium
Lot Details
A fine early Worcester 'Wigornia' creamboat, circa 1752-3
Of flared hexagonal shape with a gently undulating rim, the moulded scroll handle with an upturned thumbrest, crisply embossed with a continuous Chinese landscape including a section of the Great Wall with pavilions, a fence lined with trees, towering rocks, a tiny figure holding a spear and a bird in flight, the modelling picked out in colours, four ribboned Precious Objects painted inside the rim, 6.8cm high, 11.3cm long


  • Provenance: a British private collection. Sam Clark classified the different mouldings of Wigornia type creamboats in The American Ceramic Circle bulletin, Number 3. Dr. Paul Riley continued the research in his important paper, A Review of 'Wigornia' Cream Jugs, ECC Trans, vol.13, part 3, (1989). This version is classed as moulding E, of which only a handful are recorded in enamels. One in the Klepser collection is illustrated by Simon Spero (1984), col. pl.8, fig.21. A second was in the R. David Butti collection, sold in these rooms 10 May 2006, lot 13 and illustrated by F. Severne Mackenna (1950), pl. 9 and by H Rissik Marshall (1954), pl. 1, figs c and d. Another from the Jessie and Sigmund Katz collection is in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Accession Number: 1988.1025. The present lot is illustrated by Paul Riley in his ECC paper, pl.136 a and b. The same model was reissued in blue and white a few years later, of equal rarity, one of which is illustrated in Dr. Riley's paper. A further blue and white example was sold in the Caldwell collection.
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