A Vauxhall goat figure group
Lot 81
A Vauxhall group of Autumn, circa 1755
£1,400 - 1,800
US$ 2,400 - 3,000
Lot Details
A Vauxhall group of Autumn, circa 1755
Modelled as two putti holding a cornucopia filled with grapes and feeding them to a goat with a dark shaggy coat, the putti wearing yellow and pink draped robes, resting upon a scrollwork base picked out in bright pink and green applied with flowers, 13.5cm high (some restoration)


  • The original source of this model is a sculpture entitled Les Enfants à la chèvre by Jacques Sarazin circa 1640, now in the Louvre Museum, Paris. Originally purchased by Louis XIV, the sculpture was placed in the Park of Marly in 1693. In 1749 a bronze copy of the Group was commissioned for the Château de Bellevue, paid for by Madame de Pompadour. See Herbert Keutner, Sculpture, Renaissance to Rococo (1969), pl. 298. Another Vauxhall version exists with putti feeding flowers to the goat, probably representing Summer and Autumn. See Peter Bradshaw, 18th Century English Porcelain Figures (1981), p.231, pl.136 for a group sold in these rooms 24 January 2007, lot 52.
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