English porcelain royal specimen plate for William IV (to be researched)
Lot 236
An English porcelain royal specimen plate, circa 1830
Sold for £1,125 (US$ 1,888) inc. premium
Lot Details
An English porcelain royal specimen plate, circa 1830
For a royal armoral service made for William IV, printed in outline and richly decorated in enamels and gold with the Royal Arms within a gilded starburst and reserved on a bright green ground, a gilded garter band around the cavetto, the lapis blue border reserving the Orders of the Garter, the Thistle and St Patrick and the Orders of Bath, St Michael and the Guelphic Order, the shaped rim gilt with a formal band, 25.7cm diam (slight wear)


  • Both the Rockingham and Flight, Barr and Barr factories produced services for William IV. Neither was delivered in time for the coronation, the Worcester service being used first in 1833 and the Rockingham service being delivered in 1837. Both makers produced a series of specimen plates so that the King could choose his favourite design. Other manufactories provided specimens in the hope of receiving similar commissions. The maker of the present lot is uncertain and it is not known if other pieces or a full service was produced. Four Flight, Barr and Barr William IV specimen plates from the Wentworth Wass Collection were sold in these rooms on 6 December 1995, lots 291-294 and a range of Rockingham specimen plates are illustrated by Alwyn and Angela Cox, Rockingham (2001), col. pls.65-67.
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