A remarkable set of eleven engraved Jacobite wine glasses, circa 1745-55
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A remarkable set of eleven engraved Jacobite wine glasses, circa 1745-55
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A remarkable set of eleven engraved Jacobite wine glasses, circa 1745-55
The drawn-trumpet bowls set on multiple spiral airtwist stems, each engraved with a six-petalled rose on a thorny stem flanked by two buds, one of which is partly open, an oak leaf and a star on the reverse of each, 15.4cm to 15.9cm high (11)


  • Provenance: The Dwight Lanmon Collection, formerly in the collections of George Horace Lorimer and G Wilson Douglas Jr. Exhibited in the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Winston-Salem. George Lorimer, the editor of the Saturday Evening Post, bequeathed his important glass collection to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1938. This gift included one example from this set of glasses (catalogue no. 1938-23-60). The set of twelve may be the largest surviving, fully matching set of English drinking glasses from the middle 18th century, and is discussed in Glass Circle News no. 119, June 2009, p.16.

    This type of glass is attributed to Engraver B by Geoffrey Seddon who illustrates a matching pair of wine glasses from the Drambuie Collection in his book The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses (1995), p.79, col. pl.25. Research by F. Peter Lole into Jacobite clubs, published in The Glass Circle Journal nos. 9 and 10, records that in 1752 the Duke of Athol, a keen Jacobite supporter, purchased twenty-four 'Wines engraved Rose and Star' at a shilling each from the London glass cutters and dealers Maydwell and Windle. An inventory of the contents of Traquair House in 1764 listed '16 Rose wine glasses'. These had diminished to '11 Rose wine glasses' in the 1774 inventory and by the 1778 contents list only '8 Rose wine glasses' remained. Four corresponding glasses survive at Traquair House today and these are essentially identical to the present lot.
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