A Lowestoft/Isleworth white porcelain bird (minor repairs)
Lot 132
An important Lowestoft model of a bird, circa 1770
Sold for £2,500 (US$ 4,202) inc. premium
Lot Details
An important Lowestoft model of a bird, circa 1770
Perched upon a woody stump applied with distinctive flowers and leaves and looking to one side, its wings and features naively but charmingly represented, 9.6cm high (restoration to tail feathers and some applied flowers and leaves)


  • Provenance: The Geoffrey Godden Collection. No other Lowestoft bird model appears to have been recorded although a punch pot or large teapot and cover dated 1763, in the Norwich Castle Museum has a knop in the form of a very similar bird. See Sheenah Smith, Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum, Vol.1 (1975), pl.31, item 571 and p.217. See also p.230 for a profile drawing of the pot and a detail of the bird. The leaves applied to the woody stump are of the same distinctive type as those found on Lowestoft flower finials as well as on Lowestoft figures. See Geoffrey Godden, Lowestoft Porcelains (1969), pp.134-143 for a range of these.
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