Freida Lock (South African, 1902-1962) Arab Arches, Zanzibar
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Freida Lock (South African, 1902-1962) Arab arches, Zanzibar
£7,500 - 10,000
US$ 13,000 - 17,000
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Freida Lock (South African, 1902-1962)
Arab arches, Zanzibar
oil on canvas
58 x 74cm (22 13/16 x 29 1/8in).


    The artist's sister, Katherine Lock
    Thence by direct descent to the current owner

    As inside and outside meet and mingle in this painting, we see Freida Lock entranced by the architectural volumes and framing effects offered by the Arabic-style arches of Zanzibar. Chalky whites, greens and blues in the arches meet the rose tints of the floor to create a sense of softness and serenity: a cool retreat on a hot, humid day.

    During her visit to Zanzibar in 1948, Lock produced some of her most striking paintings. Arab arches combines the visual concerns of the usually distinct genres of interiors and street scenes, though no human presence punctuates the stillness of this space.
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