Huge Libyan glass 3 lbs.
Lot 2267
Large Libyan Desert Glass Specimen
Sold for US$ 1,875 inc. premium
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Large Libyan Desert Glass Specimen
Sahara Desert, near the Egypt-Libyan border
One of the largest specimens of Libyan Desert Glass ever offered at auction, this medium-green colored piece is unusually pristine. The smooth top side displays regmaglypt-like impressions and the bottom, which is somewhat porous, is flat with sharper edges. The smooth side exhibits small white spheres of Cristobalite, a form of quartz diagnostic of meteoric origin (Cristobalite only forms at temperatures exceeding 1,470 degrees centigrade.) An added bonus is a natural hole through the specimen, which is larger on the bottom side, narrowing to the top side.
Weighs 3 pounds. Measures 6 x 4 1/2 x 4in
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