EL3 Haggounia 001 2.5 lbs
Lot 2266
Fossilized Meteorite – End Cut
US$ 500 - 900
£300 - 540
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Fossilized Meteorite – End Cut
Al-Haggounia 001, EL3 Enstatite
Al-Haggounia, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Al-Haggounia 001 is considered to be a fossilized meteorite as it fell in the Saharan region of Morocco near Al-Haggounia over 23,000 years ago, well before the Sahara even became a desert. The surface of these meteorites was altered over thousands of years, as evidenced by their rusty brown outer surface. Enstatite chondrite meteorites are relatively scarce stony meteorites which are different from ordinary chondrites in that their pyroxene contains almost no iron, being made up of nearly pure enstatite (magnesium silicate.) The present fine-quality end cut displays several shades of brown and many long darker metallic shock lines on the cut surface, attesting to the violent impact that ejected this meteorite from its parent asteroid millions of years ago. There is even some dark fusion crust remaining on the outer surface resulting from its fiery entry into Earth's atmosphere.
Weighs 2.5 pounds; 4.5 x 3.75 x 2.5in
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