Admire pallasite (complete section) 72 gms.
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Admire Pallasite – Complete Section
US$ 1,400 - 1,800
£830 - 1,100
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Admire Pallasite – Complete Section
Admire, Lyon County, Kansas

This Admire meteorite specimen is replete with clear translucent yellow-green olivine crystals, some approaching gem quality. The Admire Pallasite is one of the most beautiful of all known pallasites and is unique among pallasites in that the olivine crystals exhibit a characteristic called chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is defined as the change of luster within a gemstone due to the way the crystals reflect light. This rare occurrence is caused by tiny void tubes, which evoke the effect of fiber optics when the gemstone is cut parallel to the tubes. This effect can be observed in some of olivine crystals of the Admire Pallasite when viewed in low light as the crystals appear to "turn on and off" by themselves. Offered on a plastic stand.
Weighs 72 grams; measures 4.3 x 2.5in
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