Carbonaceous meteorite (whole) 257 gm.
Lot 2237
Large Carbonaceous Meteorite
US$ 900 - 1,200
£540 - 710
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Large Carbonaceous Meteorite
NWA 6368, CV3
Sahara Desert, Morocco

This complete individual is one of the very rare larger fragments found of NWA 6368. Chocolate brown in color, it boasts shock cracks, more than 70% of its original fusion crust and large visible chondrules as well as several white calcium aluminum inclusions (CIA's.) CAI's are thought to be the very first compounds that solidified out of the gases of the Super Novae that preceded the formation of our Solar System - real stardust. These CAI's are therefore older than any other materials that have formed within our solar system. Offered on a 3.5-inch "Illusion" stand.
Weighs 257 grams, Measures 3 x 2 3/4 in
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