Campo del Cielo Meteorite — Select Fist-Sized Meteorite
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Campo del Cielo Meteorite — Select Fist-Sized Meteorite
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Campo del Cielo Meteorite — Select Fist-Sized Meteorite
Iron, coarse octahedrite
Gran Chaco, Argentina

Iron meteorites originate from the molten iron core of what was briefly a planet which broke apart between Mars and Jupiter approximately 4.5 billions years ago during the birth of the solar system. Spanish Explorers who in 1576 first wrote about Campo del Cielo ("Valley of the Sky") meteorites were unfamiliar with the unearthly origins of the chunks of metal they happened upon. This handsome, fist-sized meteorite originates from this event. Covered with minute sockets and tiny crenelations, this meteorite is unusually asteroid-like in appearance—ironically the result of weathering on the Earth's surface for 4000 years in what is now Argentina. Surprisingly dense for its size and with a pewter to platinum patina, this is an enchanting example from "The Valley of the Sky." Measures 132 x 112 x 95mm (5 x 4.5 x 3.75 inches) and 4,445 grams (9.79 pounds)
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