Campo w/ large burnhole 71 lbs
Lot 2225
Complete Campo del Cielo with Large Burn Hole
US$ 5,500 - 6,500
£3,300 - 3,900
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Complete Campo del Cielo with Large Burn Hole
Iron, Coarse Octahedrite
Gran Chaco, Argentina

Featuring a large 1.5-inch burn hole as well as countless desirable regmaglypts, or "thumbprints" scattered over its surface, this covetable specimen represents the portion of the Campo del Cielo fall recovered high in the mountains, where the surfaces of the specimens were not rusted away by ground water. The Campo del Cielo field has been thoroughly explored and the value of quality specimens is rising due to increasing rarity of newly found specimens. Offered on a 4 x 4-inch custom black metal stand.
Weighs 71 pounds; Measures 13 x 8 x 8in
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