2 T-rex 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 in.
Lot 2141
Two Fine T. rex Teeth
US$ 4,500 - 5,000
£2,700 - 3,000
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Two Fine T. rex Teeth
Tyrannosaurus rex
Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Discovered very close to each other in an ancient river or lake bed on a private ranch in Montana, these two T. rex teeth are in fine condition. The larger specimen is pristine, with no repair, displaying an excellent tip, sharp serrations and a very small amount of natural feeding wear. The enamel exhibits several cracks, as found, and is a lovely tan to brown color. The tooth is rather thick and has sharp squared serrations, a definitive characteristic of T. rex teeth. Of added interest is a very defined indentation at the root level on one side, which is from a replacement tooth that was already growing behind this tooth when it broke off when the individual was feeding. The second completely intact tooth also displays sharp serrations; its color matches the larger tooth and it fits exactly into the tooth indentation of the larger tooth. All T. rex teeth are in great demand, but those very few that are not broken and repaired are rarely encountered. Offered in a Riker mount. (2)
Specimens measure 2 ¾in and 1 1/2in, respectively
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