Pteranodon Wing
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A complete Pteranodon Wing
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A complete Pteranodon Wing
Pteranodon longiceps
Late Cretaceous
Niobrara Formation, Kansas

Named by the famous paleontologist O. Marsh in 1876, Pteranodon was not a dinosaur, as is often thought. These flying reptiles were toothless hunters that snatched fish from the prehistoric seas. The structure of Pteranodon's wing was formed by a thin, tough membrane stretched between its body, the top of its legs and its elongated fourth fingers. Offered is a Pteranodon wing embedded in faux matrix, framed for display (the chalky stone of the Niobrara Formation is too crumbly to support fossil bones.) The wing is approximately 98% original and measures 70 inches in length.
Measures 71.5 x 13.5 x 3in
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