Holzmaden crinoid
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Exceptional Holzmaden Sea Lily
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Exceptional Holzmaden Sea Lily
Seirocrinus subangularis
Early Jurassic
Holzmaden, Germany

Popularly known as sea lilies due to their plant-like appearance, crinoids are, in fact, filter-feeding animals. This crinoid sifted food from the shallow seas of the Jurassic Period, 180 – 170 million years ago, in the area now known as Bavaria. The "stem" of the present magnificent specimen is attached to a piece of fossilized driftwood, to which the living creature would have adhered; the buoyancy of the driftwood would have floated the crinoid's base on the surface while its calyx, or "flower," sifted organisms from the water. Fine details can be seen in the calyx and stem of this exceptional example.
Measures 58 1/2" x 2" x 29 3/4"
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