Holzmaden Crinoid
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Dramatic Sea Lily Plate
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Dramatic Sea Lily Plate
Encrinus liliiformis
Lower Jurassic
Holzmaden, Germany

During the Jurassic Age, in the area now known as Germany, tropical reef islands dotted a warm shallow sea. Of the marine life that thrived during this period, the crinoid, or sea lily, is one of least recognizable to the human eye. In appearance, it is plant-like. Yet these were animals, which attached themselves to pieces of driftwood and passively sifted food from the ocean waters with their blossom-like calyxes. Laborious to prepare, due to the similarities in density of the matrix and the fossil material, specimens from Holzmaden are some of the best preserved fossils in the world. The sea lily is arguably the most beautiful and decorative species from the classic black shales of this famous locality. The present example is sized perfectly to provide an impressive decorative focal point for home or office. Fitted with a custom bracket for wall display.
Matrix measures 39 ¾ x 31 ¼ x 3/4in
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