Drotops Trilobite 5 in.
Lot 2073
Impressive Drotops Spiny Trilobite
US$ 1,800 - 2,000
£1,100 - 1,200
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Impressive Drotops Spiny Trilobite
Drotops armatus

For protection against predators, one species of Drotops, Drotops armatus developed rows of sharp spikes covering the top shell and even over the eyes. In the present specimen, many hours of detailed work were executed to release each and every tiny spine from their stony matrix. Dozens of spines are seen all over the body and very tiny spines are visible above the eyes. Most of the individual round lenses of the compound eyes are sharp as well. This large and impressive trilobite even displays its hypostome (mouth) visible on the bottom side of its head. The specimen has been placed on a smoothed oval section of its natural grey stone matrix. An exceptional display, the trilobite seems to be alive and swimming in air.
Measures 5 x 2in
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